A “Portable Desk” helps you make your minutes count.

When I was being interviewed on Vern Moter’s “Practical Advisor” nationwide radio program over the weekend, a caller named Angel called the show and said he needed help.

Angel said he is in the apparel business and that he had just moved to Alabama where he and his family are now living, yet his job is in Minnesota. Angel explained that, because he now must fly back and forth between his new home and his job, he is forgetting things, stressing, and accidently letting things slip through the cracks. He asked me if I could suggest anything that might help him.

I asked Angel if he had any kind of portable organizing device, paper or electronic. He said he did not. I then suggested that it’s important for him to immediately get an organizing device that he can carry with him at all times.

I told Angel that it doesn’t matter to me which organizing device he chooses (Franklin Planner, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, or whatever), but that I suggest he look at his new organizer as a “portable desk.”

I pointed out that, if Angel carries this “portable desk” with him wherever he goes, he’ll have a trusted place where he can put his notes, ideas, to-do list, projects, etc. and, thus, he can plan, create, and make decisions wherever he is: at home, at the office, or on an airplane.

I’m writing about the conversation I had with Angel to suggest that you do the same thing. If you don’t have a portable organizer, get one as soon as you can.

I wrote about PDAs in a previous post on this blog. (See “How to Make Time for You-#7.)

When you have a portable organizer (I use an iPhone which I love), you can start getting better use of your time and you can get things done wherever you are. (Example, I was the 48th person in line for a flu shot yesterday so, while waiting in the long line, I was able to check the email on my iPhone and write these words for the blog you’re now reading.)

A portable organizer will help you plan, make decisions, save time, and reduce your stress.

Does this make sense to you?


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