Beware of compulsive cell phone use!

My friend, Steven Iwersen, sent me a link to a post on a blog that I absolutely loved, and I am recommending that you check this link too. The link is for a post on the Harvard Business Review blog at

Can a Smart Phone Make You More Patient?

The author of the post, Alexandra Samuel, explains in the blog that she loves her cell phone and the fact that it helps her make use of time and how that makes her feel more patient. Ms Samuels then goes on to explain that that true patience, however, is an internal matter (I love that) and that compulsive use of her phone inhibits reflection which is the best kind of patience.

Wow! What a great observation!

I wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Samuel’s comments. In my opinion, she is very wise to realize that a smart phone can be as helpful as a best friend and, when you use it compulsively, it can be as harmful as an enemy because it robs you of your ability to reflect.

Here’s a suggestion.

Think of your smart phone as a portable desk. That portable desk is wonderful because it helps you make decisions and act on key priorities when you move from place to place. Like any desk, however, that same desk can clutter up your mind with reminders of all the things you have to do.

I call that stress. What do you call it?

Please look at your office desk right now and realize that all those notes and scraps on top of it are like little radios that only you can hear and they keep saying, “Do me, Handle me, Get me done, Look at me.” In essence, I propose that those papers and notes are prioritizing you.

You don’t want that kind of stress, do you? I sure don’t.

I’m a smartphone (iPhone) user too. I love my iPhone, yet I can see how, when I keep checking it over and over, it not only distracts me. It also robs me of sanity time.

I suggest that, if you’re honest with yourself (and I’m talking to myself too), we check our smart phones so much that they become addictive. You don’t want an addiction, do you? I certainly don’t.

So, one more time. Please think of your smart phone as a portable desk. I’m suggesting this because perhaps you (like me) will realize it’s a good idea to treat your portable desk the same way you know you need to treat a real world office desk by clearing it up and leaving it alone alone for different periods of the day, particularly when you are with your family and friends.

Sanity time, reflecting time, creativity time, appreciating time — all of these are gifts. I suggest you want to protect these gifts by blocking off time for them and shutting down your smartphone from time to time.

Does this make sense? Please comment here.

One Response to “Beware of compulsive cell phone use!”

  1. Want to keep up with your thinking. great job Chuc

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