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The new software for iPhone helps you save time.

Posted in Balance, Organize, Planning, Self-management, Stress, Time management, Time management/Self-management on June 23, 2010 by Chuc Barnes

I’m reporting my excitement about the new iPhone software here in hopes that it helps you too.

(Note: I won’t get to pick up my the physical copy of my new iOS 4 iPhone at the Apple Store until tomorrow morning, yet I’ve downloaded the software to my current iPhone to see first hand how it helps.)

Here are some of the time saving features I’ve discovered that the software already provides:

●Multi-tasking: It’s easy to move from one app to another and back again to exactly where you were working.

●E-mail in one spot: You can check e-mail from all your e-mail accounts in one mailbox so you don’t have to check in several different places.

●Folders: a quick way to include common apps so you don’t have to switch from screen to screen. This saves lots of time.

●Improved camera: It has a 5x digital zoom so you save time when taking the exact picture you want.

The time saving features don’t stop here. After I pick up the new iOS 4 iPhone tomorrow, it will offer more than the above features. It also will provide:

●FaceTime: a simple, easy way to enjoy video conferences with family, friends, and business associates(A pictures is worth 1,000 words.), which saves time, particularly when you want to show items to others.

●HD video recording: You can edit the videos you shoot right on the iPhone so you don’t have to wait to show or send the videos you make.

As you can see, I’m very happy with the time saving features of the new iPhone. Please let me know what you think.

Why can’t AT&T get it right?

Posted in Customer service, Management, Self-management, Teamwork, Time management, Time management/Self-management on June 16, 2010 by Chuc Barnes

People who know me know that I absolutely love Apple products. (I’ve been an Apple devotee since Apple introduced their first computer in 1977 and I have raved about Apple products ever since.)

There are three reasons for this: 1) I believe in saving people’s time. This is what I speak about, write about, and this is what do. 2) I like for things to be simple and easy (I’m not a tech person), and 3) I love innovative, useful products.

Wherever I go I tell people how Apple products have helped me in my work and my personal life. As I said, I have praised Apple for years, having owned a series of Apple computers, including the first Mac, desktop Macs, a MacBook, an iPod, and an iPhone. And four weeks ago I bought an iPad for my wife.

Here’s why I’m saying all of this now.

Yesterday I went to the Apple Store to place a pre-order for a new iPhone 4.0, which looks to me like the neatest, most useful time-saving device I have ever seen; and I can’t wait to hold my new one in my hand. As it turned out, I was one of the lucky people who was able to place a pre-order. Other people could not. They were held hostage to AT&T’s slow and overloaded computers and, believe it or not, the orders were so plentiful and the AT&T computers so slow that Apple had to stop accepting pre-orders.

Can you believe this?

Personally, I have never had a problem with AT&T service. I know lots of people who tell me that they don’t like AT&T, however. My good friend, Steven, told my wife and me that he would like to buy an iPhone, but he doesn’t want to use AT&T service. He explained that he received such poor customer service from AT&T several years ago that he never wants to partner with them again.

After what I saw when trying to place my pre-order yesterday, I now know why my friend, Steve–and so many hundreds of other people–are upset with AT&T.

Just think about this: Apple introduced the iPad two months ago and now we’re learning in the news that AT&T let subscriber personal data get revealed, And yesterday AT&T, after knowing for months that the new iPhone 4.0 was going to be a big seller, didn’t have their servers and systems ready.

Realizing all of this, I’m frustrated that an inovative company like Apple is being poisoned by AT&T’s ineffectiveness, inefficiency, and poor service.

Apple products save my time. Apple employees, bless their hearts, help me constantly and they honestly do what they can to save my time. (In fact, good service is hard to find in most places today, yet there’s no better service anywhere than in an Apple store.)

But AT&T? What’s going on with them? Apple products have helped AT&T grow. Why can’t AT&T realize that the world is full of people who want to work with a company that cares about their time AND their business?

Come on, AT&T, get your act together and stop wasting our time.

Does this make sense to you? Please leave your comments here.

We miss out on so much when we hurry!

Posted in Leadership, Self-management, Stress, Time management, Time management/Self-management on June 5, 2010 by Chuc Barnes

Years ago my wife and I were on a trip to LA. It was early in January and we were excited about getting to stop and see the Grand Canyon again.

As soon we got out of our car we could sense that something was different.

Looking in the canyon, we were surprised to see that a large cloud had settled inside the canyon itself. That cloud was so large that it blocked the usual “view” of the brilliant colors, unusual formations, numerous trails, and vast size you would ordinarily see. We laughed because that “view” of the cloud in the canyon was one more “view” of the canyon we had never seen.

Looking around us, we heard people say, “I thought the canyon was supposed to be something big and beautiful. How disappointing! Let’s hurry on to Vegas.”

It saddened my wife and me to realize that the people who hurried away left with the impression that the Grand Canyon was only a big hole with a cloud in it.

(And, by the way, the cloud left the canyon a few hours later. What a glorious sight that turned out to be!)

It occurs to me that life is like this. We often get in such a hurry that we draw the wrong conclusions about the remarkable people and experiences that are around us, and we quickly move on to other places and items that are not nearly as important to our life experience.

Wouldn’t it a lot better to slow down and appreciate where we are and what’s around us? I think so. What do you think?

Please leave your comments here.