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Here’s a planning lesson from a glamorous celebrity!

Posted in Planning, Self-management, Time management, Time management/Self-management on December 3, 2010 by Chuc Barnes

When I was very young, my father managed movie theaters and he later headed up an association of theater owners in Kansas City. His association sponsored a major convention of theater owners every year where movie stars came to promote their pictures. I loved all this because I got to meet a lot of movie stars.

When I learned that Ann-Margaret was coming to KC as part of the UMPA (United Motion Picture Association) convention. I became very excited because I believed that Ann-Margaret was the best looking woman I had ever seen on the screen and I wanted to see her in person.

I begged my dad to let me show up, and my father told me I could attend the press party that was in advance of the convention itself. I could hardly wait.

When I got to the press party, I was not alone. There were scores of people from the press who were waiting to see Ann-Margaret too. I remember looking around the room and noticing that all of the many women in the room looked radiant. That added to my excitement while waiting for Ann-Margaret to show up.

Suddenly someone yelled “Here she comes” and Ann-Margaret walked in the room. I looked at Ann-Margaret and immediately became very disappointed because her face looked strange from all of her makeup. What a shock for me, and what a big disappointment!

I quickly looked around the room and noticed that the other women in the room still looked radiant. Ann-Margaret did not.

The TV interviewers then turned on their lights. (Bear in mind that this happened years ago and the lights for the TV cameras were extremely harsh.) As soon as the lights for the TV cameras came on I noticed that Ann-Margaret immediately looked as beautiful and glamorous as I had expected her to be. My heart went pitter-patter. Wow! How beautiful she was! Very stunning — just as I had hoped. I loved that moment.

I looked at Ann-Margaret and then I looked around the room at the other women. I noticed that the other women then looked washed out and pale in all the lights. What a difference!

Later when I had the opportunity to talk with Ann-Margaret, I told her what I had noticed about her appearance before and after the lights came on and he said, “Oh, yes, Roger thinks of everything. He always plans ahead.” She was referring to her husband, Roger Smith, who was her publicity agent.

That experience was a big lesson for me. It taught me how important it is to plan ahead just like Roger and Ann-Margaret had done. Anticipating how bright the lights would be, they made certain that Ann-Margaret used the correct makeup so she would look her best when the lights came on.

Do you agree that planning ahead makes sense? I sure hope so because, as I said, that short experience with Ann-Margaret was a big lesson for me.

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