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Action steps for the week of April 25

Posted in Organize, Planning, Self-management, Time management, Time management/Self-management on April 25, 2011 by Chuc Barnes

This is the last week in April, so here are some steps to help you get the most done before May arrives:

1) Specify your 3 most important business priorities.
2) Write down your priorities (or else they’re just ideas).
3) Determine when you’ll do social networking (Limit it!)
4) Stay away from negative people (Negativity robs your time).
5) Call a friend and see how they’re doing (Friends give you energy and ideas.)

The above steps will help.

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Action Steps for the week of April 18

Posted in Balance, Management, Organize, Planning, Time management, Time management/Self-management on April 17, 2011 by Chuc Barnes

The year 2011 is more than 1/4 over so:

1) Clarify your vision for the balance of the year (Write it down.).
2) List 3 tasks necessary to reach your vision (Be specific.).
3) Schedule the 3 tasks in this week’s plan (including time required for each).
4) Make sure any papers you need for the 3 tasks are readily available.
5) Proceed with the tasks, completing them one by one.

These 5 steps will help you move forward towards your 2011 dream.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Want help getting better organized?

Posted in Organize, Self-management, Stress, Time management, Time management/Self-management on April 2, 2011 by Chuc Barnes

Whenever I speak for audiences about ways to make minutes count, I tell them about “Evernote.” Afterwards, audience members often ask me so many questions about Evernote that I decided to talk about it here in order to help you too.

First, please look around your office and notice what you see.

I’ll bet you see several piles of paper on or near your desk. I’m also willing to wager that you’re holding on to those papers because you consider them to be “priority” piles for you. Right? In other words, you believe in your heart that you are apt to need those papers sometime soon.

Now, please look at those papers again and realize that each one represents a decision for you. Correct? Thus, you’ve actually got piles of decisions near you. Right?

I call that stress. What do you call it?

Please realize that stress is a time waster.

Ok, now please recognize that the papers and piles on or near your desk are looking at you and constantly prioritizing you by saying “Look at me, Take care of me, Don’t forget me.”

That’s even more more stress for you, right?

Ok, I’m talking about all of this stress and distraction stuff because I want you to know you can save time and stress for yourself if you get and use Evernote (

Evernote is software that enables you to store all your notes, papers, and files in a cloud on the internet. It is so easy to use that you can easily sync your laptop, smartphone, Mac, or PC to it, enabling you to quickly get the exact paper you want.

Picture how much time you can save by not having to dig through those piles of paper on your desk. Simply use the “search” feature on your phone or computer and — bingo — you immediately get the paper you need right from Evernote.

Now picture how much better organized you’ll feel when you can get the exact paper you want wherever you are. Just think — you’ll no longer be prisoner of your desk!

I want you to know that I do not work for Evernote and I don’t get paid by Evernote. When I found that I could use Evernote on my Mac and my iPhone (both sync with Evernote beautifully), I began telling everyone about it because it helps me save time, and my mission is to help you make your minutes count too.

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