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Do you agree that teamwork and customer service both are time management?

Posted in Customer service, Self-management, Teamwork, Time management, Time management/Self-management on December 18, 2011 by Chuc Barnes

Most people think that time management is only about ways to set up a successful day. I say that it is broader than that. I say that teamwork and customer service are time management too.

Permit me to explain in greater detail.

My wife and I went to iHop for breakfast and my wife asked an employee who walked by if he’s please bring her some maple syrup for her pancakes. The man immediately replied, “Ask your server.” See what I mean? That kind of treatment is not teamwork. Instead, it frustrates and alienates people. It also wastes time for the customer and for the other employees in the business.

Pretend that the employee had told my wife, “Certainly, I’m glad to help you.” That simple customer service statement only takes a moment to say and it also improves the chances that the customer will return. Simple, isn’t it?

Good customer service does not come from having one person work their heart out to please the customer. That helps, of course!  Top-notch customer service (where people do want to return to you or your service again) actually comes from everyone on your team working their hearts out to be certain your customers get what they want as quickly, easily, and politely as possible. This requires teamwork and that teamwork saves time for everyone.

Here’s another example.

I went to an Apple Store to purchase a new iPhone. I arrived early in the morning and there already was a line with over 100 people in it and the store had not yet opened. I decided to get in the line. A few minutes later the door to the store opened and several Apple employees came outside pushing a cart with coffee and donuts on it. The employees then announced to everyone waiting in the line that they appreciated having so many people there and that Apple wanted them to have the coffee and donuts at no charge. They also said they had enough refreshments for everyone. How do you think the people who were waiting reacted? They applauded, and some people even turned to others in line and said, “This is why I like Apple.”

Ok, now think about the time that Apple saves, not just in helping and serving customers, but in marketing and answering questions because of the remarkable customer service they provide.

These two examples are illustrations of why I say that good customer service and teamwork are time management.