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Here’s a proven way to help you focus and get more done.

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Coffee Cup

Several days ago I met in a coffee shop with Kelly, a successful businesswoman. When we finished our conversation, I asked her where she was going for her next appointment and she said, “I’m staying here in the coffee shop to do some reading and thinking.” She then reached in her briefcase and pulled out several publications that she said she was planning to read.

I admired what Kelly said. Please permit me to explain more.

Several years ago Sam Horn, a professional who helps people with their creative skills, told several other professional speakers and me that we’d be smart to go to a coffee shop to work on any creative projects. She explained we would experience fewer distractions in the coffee shop than we do in our offices. She then pointed out that the world has changed so much that the din of noise in the background at the coffee shop would help us stay concentrated on the work we want to do.

I loved what Sam Horn told us and I began to tell other people.

My friend Kelly was not with me when Sam Horn offered her advice. Kelly simply discovered for herself that she’d be more focused in the coffee shop than in her office.

Now guess what? The opinions of Kelly and Sam Horn have been verified. The latest issues of two different magazines, Fast Company and Inc, have an article explaining that you are smart to work in a coffee shop rather than your office.

You can see the two articles at:

Fast Company:
Inc Magazine:

Suggestion: Take the advice of Kelly, Sam, Fast Company, Inc, and me and go to a coffee shop for your business planning and creative endeavors so you can focus and get more done.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s how to handle your #1 Priority!

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When working with a client yesterday, she asked me, “If you were to make just one suggestion to me, Chuc, what would it be?

My quick answer was: “Make time for you before you do anything else.” When I said this to my client, she gave me a puzzled look because she was thinking about everything except herself.

Please realize that YOU are your #1 Priority.

It won’t do you any good to answer e-mail, handle interruptions, make phone calls, and check social networks if you aren’t healthy and sane.” Thus, be sure to schedule time for you – every single day — or you won’t get it. After all, you deserve health and sanity, don’t you?

Do you think it makes sense to start with yourself?