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Why not set up a family calendar?

Posted in Balance, Management, Organize, Self-management, Teamwork, Time management, Time management/Self-management on March 11, 2013 by Chuc Barnes


After speaking for a group of families at a nearby school, I was told by several parents that they love my suggestion to hold weekly family meetings where they (the parents and their kids) talk about all key events they plan to take care of in the upcoming week. I proposed that they schedule each family member’s major events on a calendar, which they put on the family refrigerator.

The parents told me they love this idea because it requires everyone in the family to listen to each other and to recognize each other’s priorities. They also said this helps them (the parents) see what kind of school assignments are coming due for their kids.

If you like this idea and perhaps want a good calendar, you can get a good, free, printable calendar of nearly any size at

Seem like a good idea to you? Please let me know.