Doublecheck your New Year’s Resolution


It’s now early January when most people notice they broke the resolution they made for 2014 and they say “Well, I broke the resolution, so I’ll wait until 2015 to try this resolution again.”

Suggestion: If you’ve broken the resolution you made for 2014 (or perhaps you’ve been thinking about breaking it), change your timing. In other words, instead of waiting until 2015 to declare the 2014 resolution again, make your resolution for next Week. Thus, one week from now you can see how you’re doing again and, if need be, you can then adjust your resolution for the following Week.

You’ll find you’re better off setting weekly goals than yearly resolutions because you’ll then have 52 new weeks to readjust rather than only one New Years day.

This change in thinking will help you and it makes sense doesn’t it?

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