Quick info about Chuc Barnes (The good TIME GUY):

I run a speaking-consulting business called MinutesCount! where I work with busy professionals who want to get more done and make the minutes count in their days, interactions, and presentations. To ramp up the leaning process I wrote two books, one titled “Get Your Ducks in A Row (How to Better Manage Your #1 Priority – Yourself!)” and one titled “Capture the Moment (76 Tips for Presenting to Large Groups, Small Groups, and One-On-One!)”

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Even though I’m confronted with interruptions and last minute schedule changes (just like you are), I have an advantage over most people because — being a speaker, consultant, and author — I receive ongoing feedback from the people I work with. They tell me the strategies that work for them and the strategies that don’t. That’s a big help for me in managing my days and I want their ideas to be a big help for you.

In this blog I share the up-to-the minute ideas and suggestions that clients say help them make minutes count in the midst of today’s chaos. Some ideas are from my book and some aren’t,

The way you manage yourself of course is a very personal matter. (The same goes for the way you present your ideas.) What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another because of differences in individual dreams and the types of changes and interruptions encountered. Even so, I am convinced that you and I can trigger helpful ideas for each other by sharing comments, questions, and suggestions that help each of us make our minutes count.

● If you’re interested in a speaker, click on the “speaker” link below.

● If you want help from a consultant, click the “consultant” link below.

● If you’d like information about my books, click the “author” link below.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got comments or suggestions, please let me hear from you. Your comments are welcome!

One Response to “Quick info about Chuc Barnes (The good TIME GUY):”

  1. Jerry Moyer Says:

    Chuc this is big mo olilie just got me hooked up with your web site wonderful material will read more need one of your books
    ande would love to talk to you keep up the good work Dr Phil should have you on two shawnnee Mission motivators

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