2. Consultant & coach

photoIf you want a consultant who can help you manage yourself better, so you get more done–especially in these turbulent days, put me on your team. Simply send me an e-mail and tell me about yourself. I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals and I love helping busy, overworked people by having them: 1) take a look at (and even laugh at) their current situation, and 2) inspiring them to apply proven, practical strategies that help them get more done and have more sanity time for themselves!

My promise as your minutes count consultant is to help you implement practical skills you can apply for more:

  • focus
  • control
  • order
  • results.

And, if you’re looking for help making the most of your time in front of an audience, I’d be delighted to give you personalized tips for presenting to any type of audience–even in front of today’s easily diverted audiences. I love sharing proven skills that are critical to your success from an audience perspective and, most of all, I enjoy helping you boost your confidence for presenting in any type of setting, no matter whether it’s in front of a large group, small group, or one-and-one!

My goal as your presentation skills coach is, once we’re done, to have you walk away with ideas you can implement for more:

  • focus
  • control
  • influence
  • impact

If you’re wondering what I look like or how I sound in my own presentations, you’ll find film clips of me at my website which is:www.minutescount.com

You can reach me by e-mail at: chuc@minutescount.com

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