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If you want a speaker who’s an expert at helping you (and your team) get more done–especially in these turbulent days–I’d enjoy talking with you. I’ve spoken for hundreds of organizations and I’d absolutely love to help you 1) take a look at (and even laugh at) your current situation, 2) arm you practical, proven strategies that enable you to get more done in these hectic days, 3) and have more useful time.

Here are titles for my presentations that audiences like best:

  • “Get Your Ducks In A Row!”
  • “Your Time Is Now….and It’s Vanishing Quickly
  • “How To Better Manage Your #1 Priority — Yourself!”
  • “The Power of An Hour!”
  • “It Takes A Team To Win The SuperBowl.”
  • “Capture the Moment!”
  • “Your Biggest Asset Is Your Customer”

My premise is that anyone can get more done and have more sanity time, provided they have the right:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Confidence

My promise is to have you and your group walk away with skills you can apply for more:

  • Focus
  • Control
  • Order
  • Results.

If you’re wondering what I look like or how I sound, you’ll find film clips of me at my website which is: www.minutescount.com

You can reach me by e-mail at: chuc@minutescount.com


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