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Two questions to help you and your team!

Posted in Time management/Self-management with tags , , , , , on February 17, 2009 by Chuc Barnes

In his book, “Grown Up Digital,” (which I’ve already endorsed) Don Tapscott reports:

“For Net Geners, e-mail is so yesterday. It’s what you use when you write a polite thank you letter to a friend’s parent. We asked respondents (Tapscott says) in an nGenera study to describe various means of communication, including face-to-face, e-mail texting, social networking, telephone conversations, and instant messaging. I was amused (Tapscott says) to see that 48% of respondents considered e-mail professional, while another 31% considered it boring. It was also seen as a more formal method of communication. ‘I use e-mail for business type (sic) of things,’ said one respondent. ‘I don’t say to my friends ‘e-mail me later.’”

As a Minutes Count specialist, I think the previous comment quoted from the book is loaded with important information and I’m now asking you: What about you? Are you relying on one method of communication, yet your team would prefer another? If so, that difference could be wasting time for all of you.

Here are two questions to ask your team: 1) What’s the best way for us to communicate and 2) What can we do to save time for each other? I’ve suggested these questions to a multitude of groups and people tell me they don’t like to ask these questions because they have to listen. Isn’t that the point? Listening is part of teamwork and it can help you save hours of time and lots of frustration.